Our Future

THE FUTURE First National Finning

In July 2016 First National Finning achieved another milestone with a change of ownership to three current staff members, Dean Tucker, Rick Lauretta, Jason Brown & Ricks' brother John Lauretta to steer the company on to its next generation of community service and yet maintain its family connection to John & Lorraine Tucker & the founders of the modern day company.

With over forty years of experience at Finnings first national Real Estate between Rick, Dean & Jason in a range of roles throughout the company from Residential, Commercial & Rural - Lifestyle sales & Leasing to administration management they are well versed in the complex procedures undertaken. Johns background in building, construction & property development brings in another facet to the wide range of skills now available to the staff & clients of First National Finning Real Estate.

With the introduction of new, exciting and up to the minute technology advances in the Real Estate industry & the adherence to the outstanding client care and company history, everyone who serves at Finnings recognises this as one of our most in demand strengths we are well situated to move and develop First National Finning RealĀ EstateĀ into the future.